CF Chairman: Happy Chinese New Year!


Dear ClubFootball players, families and partners, as the Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching, we would like to wish you all the best!

We are entering the Year of the Rat, the beginning of a new cycle in the traditional Chinese calendar. Also, 2020 is the first year of a new decade. For ClubFootball, we celebrate 18 years serving the football community. We feel truly privileged to share this milestone with all of you!

We work in football. All our coaches from the UK have worked with the clubs and players who make up the most developed football pyramid in the world. And now, they are proud to deliver UK-inspired football coaching here in China. Whenever and wherever we are, we will be forever proud to be 'footballers'. As one of our coaches said, 'almost every close mate I have is a mate through football. Even living in China for the last 5 years has not dampened these relationships.'

We work in culture. China is the original birthplace of football, while modern football was born in the UK. The value of football as a communication tool between nations is how it enables us to learn from each other, to respect our different cultures, and to unite under the universal ideals of "fair play". We are truly lucky to share these values.

We work in education. We are developing youngsters and we will never forget how our guidance helps them benefit from these principles far beyond football itself. We are grateful and fortunate to work with great schools who share these ideals.

We work for the future. Our kids are the future of the world. At ClubFootball, the kids come from all over the world, from Beijing to Birmingham, and from London to Liaoning. They train, study, talk, and cooperate together, sharing a love for our beautiful game and working together towards the same goals of making everyone a superstar! Through football, we teach them to be 'global citizens', striving for common goals and objectives.

Thanks again and happy Chinese new year! Let's embrace football as the People's Game and unite the world with our shared vision!

Chairman of ClubFootball

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