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Current Courses

Please see the links below for details of our current Skills Course (Level 1) schedule. Simply click the name of your desired venue to see specific information about the times of sessions and the age groups available at that location. If you would like to see the map of ClubFootball loctions please click hereFor details of Skills League (Level 2) and League Teams schedules, please click the relevant link in the top toolbar.


To receive more details by email please use the online contact form, and one of our customer service staff will reply to you as quickly as possible. If you'd like to receive course information automatically, please click here to subscribe to our Juniors Email Newsletter.


  • BSB Sanlitun: Autumn 2018

    (BSB-San - Chaoyang Central) Courses run on the rooftop pitch at BSB Sanlitun on Mondays, Fridays, Saturday and Sundays, with classes moved to the gym in the event of bad weather...

    Full course details

  • BSB Shunyi: Autumn 2018

    (BSB-Shn - Shunyi) Courses at BSB Shunyi run on Wednesdays (on the field) and Sundays (in the Dome). 

    Full course details

  • YCIS: Autumn 2018

    (YCIS - Chaoyang Central) Autumn 2018 courses at YCIS run indoors in the gym from Sunday 16th September for students from YCIS and the community.

    Full course details

  • BCIS: Autumn 2018

    (BCIS - Chaoyang South) Autumn 2018 courses at BCIS on Xidawang Lu run on the 11-a-side artificial soccer pitch on Sundays from 9th September.

    Full course details

  • Chaoyang Park Sports Centre: Autumn 2018

    (CYP - Chaoyang Central) Skills Courses and Skills Leagues run at Chaoyang Park on Saturdays (Pitch 7&8) and Sundays (Pitch 12) for kids from PreK to Grade 12.

    Full course details

  • International School of Beijing (ISB), Shunyi: Autumn 2018

    (ISB - Shunyi) Autumn 2018 courses at ISB run midweek after school and on Saturdays for Grades Pre-K to 8. Classes run outdoors, with indoor facilities available...

    Full course details

  • Olympic Forest Park (North): Autumn 2018

    (OFPN - Chaoyang North) Courses at Olympic Forest Park North run on Sunday afternoons from 9th September. Courses at the South Section of the park run on Saturday mornings.

    Full course details

  • Wangjing Experimental School (WES): Autumn 2018

    (WGJ - Chaoyang North) Courses at Wangjing Experimental School run on Sunday afternoons for grades K to 6, with a new Skills League available for Grades 4/5/6 from Autumn...

    Full course details

  • Tongzhou Moonriver Football Park: Autumn 2018

    (TZH - Tongzhou) ClubFootball’s courses in Tongzhou take place on the artificial pitches at Moon River Football Park on Sunday mornings.

    Full course details

  • Dulwich College Beijing (Legend Garden): Autumn 2018

    (DCB-LG - Shunyi) Autumn 2018 courses at Dulwich College Beijing's Legend Garden Campus run from Saturday 8th September, and are held outdoors on the soccer field (...

    Full course details

  • Olympic Forest Park (South): Autumn 2018

    (ASun - Chaoyang North) Courses at Olympic Forest Park South run on Saturday mornings from 8th September. Courses at the North Section of the park run on Sunday afternoons.

    Full course details

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