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Quotes: Commentators

NamePosted onRatingViews
Anatomically Incorrect01-Jul-200471139
Big fat zero19-Aug-20086.5752
Crowd's Eye View05-Jul-200451028
Deafening Silence?28-May-200471049
Dicks Aplenty30-Jun-200471093
Doubled Up15-Aug-200791841
Existential Game?28-May-200461099
Going, Going, Gone!06-Jul-200471037
Great Aim15-Aug-20077905
Hoddle Twaddle!14-Jan-20088857
How many's that?07-Jun-200451128
Leg-end Status!29-Feb-20086827
Logical Proposition30-Jun-200461090
Look Away Now!28-May-20044.51070
Look on the Bright Side01-Jul-200461082
Manager AWOL28-May-200451061
Managerial Yoga28-May-200471047
Message for the PM28-May-200481055
More Football Later13-Aug-20087756
Nil-nil Goalfest28-May-200471035
Portuguese Wildlife28-May-200451070
Profound Statement30-Jun-20046994
Pulling In The Points04-Jan-200810800
Safe Bet28-May-20046.661125
Score Mixup30-Jun-20047998
Shankly on Law18-Aug-2008Quote Unrated802
Sock-er Star!29-Feb-2008Quote Unrated780
Staying In Going Out!14-Jan-20081.651588
Stupid Enough11-Jan-20086786
Sure Bet05-Jul-20047961
Surprise Finish?01-Jul-20046913
Sweet charity19-Aug-20087785
Tallest And More15-Aug-20085727
Team Tours15-Aug-20085783
The Geordie Sage29-Feb-2008Quote Unrated790
Their Number Is Up!29-Feb-2008Quote Unrated778
Tony's Bottle13-Aug-2008Quote Unrated714
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