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Quotes: Managers

NamePosted onRatingViews
A Must15-Aug-20085825
Another 'Ronism'19-Aug-20087871
Aquatic Life28-May-200471132
Blame Game28-May-200461079
Bobby's Drinking School13-Aug-20087808
Calculator Required28-May-20048.251698
Chosen One Departs15-Aug-20087834
Coaching Future19-Aug-20086799
Continental Game28-May-20048.51875
Double Date15-Aug-20086804
Every Blade Of Grass11-Jan-200810867
Excuses, Excuses28-May-20047.51787
Fan Club14-Jan-20088887
Figo On The Ball13-Aug-20088783
Fitting Comparison05-Jul-20047.51106
Flag you too!30-Jun-200451075
Geographically Challenged01-Jul-200461054
Handbags Out14-Aug-20086836
Happy Days15-Aug-20086837
Hero to the World!13-Aug-20088786
Honest Affirmation05-Jul-200461132
Letter Box Kid!13-Aug-20087865
Local Rivals28-May-200481579
Love the Game28-May-200471114
Maybe Next Time14-Aug-20087801
Never seen Before15-Aug-20085840
Nice one Dennis. Doh!30-Jun-200471155
Pistols At Dawn15-Aug-20086778
Preferential Treatment01-Jul-200471058
Publishing Over the Airwaves01-Jul-200451154
Pure Arithmetic01-Jul-200461063
Scoreless Except The Goals01-Jul-200451066
Scottish Pele28-May-20047.51679
Serial Killers!14-Jan-20088813
Shoot Them Down14-Aug-20087810
Singled Out28-May-200461073
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